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Fleet management

Fleet Management (GPS Vehicle Tracking System) that will facilitate the activity of any company by tracking and fuel monitoring any kinds of vehicle all over the country and neighboring countries that our GPRS service provider (Ethiopian Telecommunication) have roaming service agreement wit

Cloud based GPS Tracking platform used for real-time tracking of People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Apps. We are your one stop solutions for GPS  tracking systems.

Key Features

  •     Real Time Tracking
  •     Fuel Management
  •     Fleet Analytics
  •     Incident Notification
  •     Theft Protection
  •     Trip/Task Management
  •     Vehicle Service
  •     Temperature Monitoring

  •   Reduced costs
Optimized routes reduce fuel costs and driver monitoring improves workforce productivity while reducing labor and management costs.

  •   Greener vehicles that last longer
Encouraging efficient driving reduces your carbon footprint while helping to extend the life of the vehicle through reduced wear and tear.

  •   Easily Accessible 

The GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system is Web-based, making it easy to access from virtually anywhere via any Web-enabled device PC, laptop, Smart phone etc

  •   Improved customer service

Quicker response to customer requirements by being able to dispatch the nearest vehicle every time. 

  •   Fast stolen vehicle recovery 

Instant alert when vehicle is stolen coupled with real-time tracking allows recovery quickly, reducing time off-the-road.

  •    Enhanced report management 

GPS Integrated vehicle tracking system comes complete with a powerful and detailed set of standard reports like Daily activity , Summary , Time summary, Maintenance , Positional emails, Fleet utilization, Idle detail, Speeding, Stop detail etc.